2017 Fall Safety Campaign

I am continuously working to ensure we enhance safety in our neighbourhoods, including near our schools and our senior’s homes. As a mother, one of my top priorities remains enhancing community safety – especially the safety of our most vulnerable – by reducing speeding vehicles on our streets.

To build upon this objective, I am pleased that as part of this year’s Fall Safety Campaign, the City has created new “Please Slow Down” lawn signs for residents to better inform drivers of the importance of safety. This visual reminder is a plastic sleeve over a wire frame and is available as an immediate, but temporary, response to your concerns of vehicles speeding past your house. The signs rely upon the psychological impact a new and relevant sign has on drivers.

Take Action. I encourage you to contact my office to request a sign that will be delivered to your address to help build momentum for this grassroots campaign.

I continue to request the presence of police officers in our community for the singular purpose of deterring speeding and reckless driving. In addition to this and all of the local initiatives that I have been working on, I am proud to report that we are expanding the “watch your speed” program, and are working to introduce automated enforcement for school zones.

The “watch your speed” program uses electronic signs and radar to post the speed of oncoming vehicles. These signs have been proven to be effective in getting drivers to comply with posted speed limits. As a result of my motion to City Council urging the expansion of this program, Transportation Services staff will be reporting with a recommendation to allow for more of these signs across the City.

I have also joined Mayor Tory in advocating for automated enforcement in school zones – something I have called on Government to act on for years. The provincial government recently agreed to allow for this technology to be used in order to issue fines to vehicles speeding in school zones. We are currently working to role the automated enforcement program out for late 2018/early 2019. I will be thrilled to see the introduction of this more efficient way to ensure compliance to posted speed limits in school zones, as the safety of our children and most vulnerable depend on our actions today.