Avenue Road Study Status Report

The Avenue Road Study status report was presented at North York Community Council on May 2nd. This report focused on the 21 recommendations that were made in 2009 for the area on Avenue Rd from Lawrence Ave W. to Wilson Avenue.

I am proud to say that through the work on this report, we were able to move forward with the implementation of many improvements along the Avenue, including but not limited to:

  • The installation of the remainder of Upper Avenue branded street signs.
  • Securing an enhanced boulevard, ‘Green Finger’, at the northwest corner of Brooke Avenue and Avenue Road which will be completed in conjunction with development at 1912-1914 Avenue Road;
  • Securing additional street furniture, to be installed this year, including transit shelters, litter bins and benches.
  • Painting of traffic signal boxes.
  • The TTC will be reporting shortly on declaring the Roe bus loop surplus; (May or June meeting of TTC Board)
  • We are working towards establishing a Business Improvement Area (BIA) on Avenue Rd.

City Planning and Transportation Services will continue working with my office in order to improve the Avenue. Further improvements will also come with funding from local development. I look forward to continually improving Avenue Rd, with my focus turning to declaring the Roe Avenue TTC Bus loop surplus in order to create a parkette.