Canada 150 and MomenTO

We have much to celebrate, remember and cherish in this seminal celebration of Canada’s 150th.

An exciting initiative entitled “MomenTO” was launched to highlight historical people, places, and events that make our community great and City strong. One aspect of MomenTO will be a “pop-up” museum that will travel across our City to make this important celebration of nationhood.

MomenTO is asking each ward to recommend an object that reflects the strength of our community and the rich history of Toronto.

I would like to hear from you on your ideas of what we should suggest to MomenTO from our community. It could be a painting, music produced in our community, a curling rock or a key from a historic building. Your ideas are encouraged to ensure Ward 16 is represented in this city-wide memory project!

Here is the criteria for the object:

  • preferably no larger than a shoebox
  • directly connected to Toronto and the gifting community, with a story behind its significance
  • in good condition, without missing parts, broken parts, or pieces detached, and not requiring repair
  • able to be stored in a normal museum environment, without special requirements
  • safe to handle, without hazards that could harm people
  • able to be freely donated to the City of Toronto

Thank you!