Chief Transformation Officer, Fall 2017 Update

Last spring, Mayor Tory announced the appointment of Michael Kolm as Toronto’s first Chief Transformation Officer.

My mandate working directly with the CTO is to ensure his office is increasing City-wide efficiencies and effectiveness and better prepare us to adapt to future challenges.

Michael Kolm has identified four key areas of opportunity and I have included them below to demonstrate how the CTO can increase productivity and create more value for the City:

  1. Operational Effectiveness: the CTO’s aim is to leverage city-wide needs and economies of scale, so that we can be more efficient, increase service delivery, re-direct resources and make your money stretch further. As part of his work plan, the CTO will be looking to streamline the inspections and enforcement processes carried out in many City divisions and conducting a review of the development application review process.
  2. Supply Chain Management: when the City procures materials, the various departments have different metrics to measure effectiveness and standards. To ensure we have the highest standards and a coordinated city-wide approach to purchasing, the CTO will support modernization through digital initiatives that will lead to greater value for money and optimized procurement.
  3. Customer Service: as part of the City’s work to improve customer experience, the CTO is focused on developing strategies for effective customer-centric service delivery, including digital strategies and segmentation. Through the CTO, we will raise the bar on customer service standards to better understand and act on their priorities.
  4. Smart Cities: as we remain in the early stages of the development of this strategy, the CTO will work with myself and Council to generate a resident and stakeholder driven set of solutions to social, economic and/or environmental problems. He will also lead the City’s participation in the Federal Smart City Challenge, which will encourage cities and their most creative minds to adopt new and innovative approaches to city-building. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to have your say. For more information:

I am pleased to see progress in the CTO’s office, working to find new, more effective and modern ways of delivering services and implementing streamlined processes, at better value to our taxpayers.