Delivering Value for Tax dollars; Improving Service Delivery

Saving taxpayers money, reducing red tape, improving service delivery and quality of life of our residents remains my top priority.

To deliver on that commitment, Mayor Tory announced that I will oversee the newly created “Chief Transformation Officer” – with a mandate to enhance efficiencies and processes and to contribute to the improved delivery of services to the public.  I am grateful to Toronto Mayor John Tory for appointing me as the City’s “Council Advocate”. This is personal for me, as I see firsthand how hard Torontonians work to balance their household budgets. To help their children go to post-secondary. To support their aging parents.

I firmly believe that all public servants have a duty to our constituents and ethical duty to all Torontonians – to ensure value for your hard-earned tax dollar. However, I also believe the best ideas come from our people, not from Government. I want to hear from you:

  • Which departments should Toronto’s Chief Transformation Officer focus on improving?
  • How can we make Toronto a more efficient and modern City?
  • How can Toronto reduce the red tape burden on our families and small businesses?

E-mail me your feedback at

Read about Councillor Carmichael-Greb’s appointment in the Toronto Sun:

Who is Toronto’s Chief Transformation Officer: Michael Kolm is a Toronto resident who has had a long and successful career at Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and BDO Watson Ltd., where he advised and helped executives across industries plan for and realize the benefits of implementing business transformation.

Read more about the appointment of Toronto’s newly created Chief Transformation Officer: