Demolition of Bank of Montreal Building at 2444 Yonge St.

On Saturday January 21st, the 110 year-old Bank of Montreal Building at Yonge St and Roselawn Avenue was demolished. I was disappointed to know that the Toronto Building department was required to issue a demolition permit under the Ontario Building Code. It was more frustrating to know that there is no process in place for local Councillors and community members to be notified when this happens. Although there is nothing that can be done to save this location, I will be working with other Councillors and City officials to try and ensure that this does not happen again either in my Ward or in others. I will also make sure that going forward when this developer submits an application that it is held to the letter of the law. This developer has proven that they are not interested in outreach to myself as Councillor or to you as a community and I will make very sure this developer is held accountable.