March 2016 City Council Highlights  

Establishment of Local Appeal Body  

Council approved the governance structure and administrative details for establishing a Local Appeal Body that will hear appeals of Committee of Adjustment decisions for minor variance and consent applications in Toronto. Council authorized Court Services to co-ordinate implementation and provide administrative support, and also approved a one-year city-wide pilot project to evaluate the benefits of mediation in resolving disputes related to minor variance and consent applications.

Residential construction in neighbourhoods    

Council approved a strategy to minimize the impact of residential infill construction activity on Toronto neighbourhoods. The process of demolishing a house and constructing a new building creates challenges for both builders and the neighbourhood, and residential infill construction activity in Toronto has more than doubled over the past five years. In creating the strategy, Toronto Building pursued a collaborative approach that took into account the perspectives of builders as well as residents.

Crossing guards on local roads   

Council agreed to ask the Toronto Police Services Board to report on the criteria/policy used for decisions on placing and removing crossing guards on the city’s streets. The report is to include proposals that will help address the increasing number of requests City councillors are receiving for crossing guards at locations in their wards.