Metrolinx construction of Avenue Rd station and use of Eglinton Park

Five years ago in an agreement signed by the City, TTC and Metrolinx we allowed the provincial agency to have access to Eglinton Park for the construction of the Avenue Road Station. The original proposal from Metrolinx asked the city to turn over the entire front of Eglinton Park for their staging requirements, which would have resulted in the removal of 62 trees. After the public meeting on June 21st, Metrolinx presented a proposal to the Eglinton Park Working Group. Since this meeting, City departments have reduced the number of trees to be removed to 16. There are also 7 trees which the city has deemed “dead or dying” which will be removed and would have had to be removed over the time table of the permit which Metrolinx is requesting. We also worked to keep the pathway on the western edge of the park open to maintain pedestrian access from Eglinton Avenue. The original proposal from Metrolinx requested 5000 square meters of frontage. Through all of our efforts the proposal now limits Metrolinx to 2400 square meters of park frontage.

The long term lane closures will affect the two westbound lanes from Lascelles Boulevard to 60 meters east of Avenue Road. This will allow for some “stop and drop” areas directly in front of the businesses from Avenue Road to the construction of the secondary entrance. This would also mean that there would be no concrete barriers and fencing in front of those businesses. We will be closing Oriole Parkway from Eglinton Avenue West to 10 metres north thereof, with removable barriers to allow for deliveries to Sleep Country. The permit will also close the westbound curb lane of Eglinton Avenue from Avenue Road to 20 metres east of Braemar Avenue.

I have confirmed that heavy truck traffic will be restricted to the arterial roads. No construction trucks will be allowed on internal residential streets.

I know that none of these solutions resolve all the problems associated to this long term construction.  I will continue to work with the Eglinton Way BIA, the local ratepayers associations and the individual residents who wish to continue to seek input into this ongoing project.