Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown Construction

Since I have been in office, many residents and businesses along the Eglinton corridor have been adversely affected by the Metrolinx Crosstown construction. I am very supportive of the LRT project, many of the residents and business owners in Ward 16  also support rapid transit along Eglinton Avenue. However, with the growing investment in infrastructure, we need to give more and more consideration to the impact that this work has on the local community when carrying out these projects.

At City Council in March 2016, I passed items that will help to protect the residents and businesses along the Eglinton corridor, while making the Provincial agency, Metrolinx, more accountable. Through my motion, City Transportation Services will coordinate with Metrolinx to create a 24/7 hotline to be implemented for the public to report issues associated with work being done on the Right of Way. Those issues will be tracked and addressed accordingly. Through my motion, I have also asked that road closure permits and construction management plans be posted online, making the construction process transparent for the community. Residents will be able to go online and view the terms and allowances granted for construction.