My position on the 250 Lawrence Ave. W application (Lawrence Park Medical Centre)

The Lawrence Park Medical Centre has been privately sold and the City Planning department has received a development application for the site. This application proposes an 11-storey residential apartment building with a height of 40.2 metres including mechanical space, containing 264 dwelling units with three levels of underground parking fronting Lawrence Avenue West. A pair of 3-storey semi-detached dwellings and three 3-storey townhouse dwellings are also proposed fronting on the west end of Glengarry Avenue. A total of 225 parking spaces are proposed.

I have received correspondence from dozens of residents about this proposal. On June 8, a public consultation was held and over 230 members of our community attended. City Planning delivered a presentation on the proposal and the developer spoke to the audience and responded to comments from the audience.

With respect to this current proposal, I heard the following concerns from our community and I share these concerns:

  • Height and density
  • Impact on traffic congestion
  • No plans to replace the loss of medical facilities
  • Local schools are already overcapacity
  • Access to the Douglas Greenbelt

Planning staff have summarized their concerns in the preliminary report (See “Issues to be Resolved”, pg. 8 of the Preliminary Report). I intend to work with residents, planning staff and the developer to ensure that your voice is heard and we develop the community responsibly.

Next Steps:

Planning staff are currently in the community consultation phase of this proposal. They are getting feedback from the public and will be discussing these concerns with the developer. This provides input and time for the developer to revise their proposal and make a re-submission. Then, Staff will table their Final Report to the North York Community Council, at which time there will be an opportunity for further public involvement. The date for this meeting has not yet been set. Should the applicant provide any additional required information in a timely manner, it is anticipated the Final Report will be presented to Community Council in the first quarter of 2016.

I encourage you to submit your views to the planner on this file, Vanessa Covello:

City Planner:

Vanessa Covello


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.