North Toronto Memorial Community Centre upgrades and repairs

North Toronto Memorial Community Centre (NTMCC) will be seeing an $8 million dollar investment through Parks, Forestry and Recreation next year. These funds will be used for needed repairs and upgrades to the Community Centre. I have asked Parks staff to look for ways to expedite the work but current timelines are anticipating work to begin in June 2017 and extend until Dec 2018.  Some of the following work is included in the plan for NTMCC:

  • replacement of the existing roof and existing skylights
  • replacement of the existing gym and multipurpose floor
  • upgrades to the pool lighting
  • repairs to the outdoor timber trellis
  • various mechanical upgrades
  • renovation of  the existing east change rooms to a universal family change rooms/washrooms
  • upgrades to existing BAS systems
  • accessibility upgrades to the main entrance, west change rooms and improvements throughout
  • introduction of new family change room space and universal washrooms
  • replacement of select door frames
  • painting throughout
  • improvements to air circulation in the pool and fitness rooms
  • upgrade existing fire alarm panels
  • select building envelope repairs (curtain walls, windows, precast panels)

The above closure and programming will be discussed at a public meeting on December 7th from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the NTMCC.

Although the Community Centre will need to be closed for this work, I am working closely with Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff to find ways to maintain the majority of programming.