Toronto Hydro is Investing in Our Neighbourhood

Toronto Hydro is in the middle of the biggest capital upgrade in decades and has plans to invest 2.5 billion in its aging overhead and underground infrastructure over the next five years.

A component of rebuilding our overhead system, involves installing new poles. Much of the system is 60 years old or older and as Toronto Hydro is replacing it with new materials, they are also replacing it with newer and safer design standards that will provide better power reliability.

Once the new poles are installed, wires must be transferred from the old poles; this involves both electricity and telecommunications lines (third party attachments).

I have heard from many residents who are concerned about the timeline and process to remove these old hydro poles.

In an effort to schedule resources effectively and efficiently, Toronto Hydro plans to physically remove all old poles for a project area once the necessary third party attachments have been removed from the project area. This may range from a few poles to several hundred poles.

There are also situations where the construction work involved or certain third party attachment types are more complex to have transferred, and these select poles can delay the whole removal process.

Toronto Hydro has committed to identifying opportunities to improve this process. They are also taking proactive steps to improve the level of response and coordination with our third party partners.

Please contact me directly, should you have any questions or concerns.