Traffic Safety Initiatives, July 2018

I am proud to provide a list of some of the traffic safety measures to be implemented in Ward 16 over the coming months. The following measures were recently approved:

  • U-Turn Prohibitions – John Wanless Public School
  • U-Turn Prohibitions- Allenby Junior Public School
  • Pedestrian Crossover Pilot- Rosewell Avenue for Havergal College
  • Speed Limit Reduction on Collector Roadways in Ward 16
  • Speed Limit Reduction on Woburn Avenue in front of Woburn Park
  • Traffic Calming- Briar Hill Avenue (approved subject to favourable polling in September)
  • All Way Stop – Old Orchard Grove and Grey Road
  • All Way Stop- Glen Rush Boulevard and Frontenac Avenue

This list includes approvals from July 2018 and is not exhaustive, there will be many more traffic safety measures implemented in Ward 16 over the coming months. Please see my spring 2018 and summer 2018 Newsletters for more on planned traffic safety initiatives.

I want to thank local residents for their help in working with my office to achieve these improvements for our community and hope that I can continue my work with you in the coming years.