Traffic Safety Plan: John Wanless Junior Public School

I would like to thank the community for providing ongoing feedback on the traffic issues and concerns around John Wanless Public School. In this post I have outlined actions taken to date, as well as the plan for implementation moving forward. Should you have any specific concerns for your street or community, please contact my office, so that we can update you on current initiatives or look into your concerns.

Action Plan:

Meetings with school representatives and parent safety committee: Conducted numerous site visits with school and community representatives and the City’s transportation engineers to come up with solutions that will make this school zone safer.

Reduction of speed limit to 30km/hr around the school: Changed the bylaws to have the speed limit reduced and bring attention to the school zone.

Prohibited U-Turns around the school: This bylaw was recently enacted, new signage prohibiting U-Turns will be installed around the school zone over the summer of 2018.

Pedestrian barriers, splash guards and bollards: Worked with the school and transportation engineers to come up with a plan to implement bollards and splash guards at various points around the school zone. These measures will help to separate vehicles and pedestrians by preventing vehicles from driving onto the sidewalk and pedestrians from stepping out onto the roadway at mid-block locations. Plans have been approved and implementation will begin in 2018 and be finalized in 2019.

“Watch Your Speed” signs: The “Watch Your Speed” signs use electronic radar to display the speed of oncoming vehicles. Studies have shown that these signs can reduce the operating speed of vehicles by up to 10km/hr and have shown a decrease in the number of vehicles travelling over the speed limit. These signs will be temporarily installed in various school zones around the ward until we have fully implemented the automated speed enforcement program in 2019. John Wanless is on the list of locations to receive this sign for one month in the fall of 2018.

Automated Speed Enforcement: Over the past two years I have been working with Mayor Tory to advocate for legislation that would allow for automated speed enforcement in school zones. The City is working with the Province to roll this program out in 2019. This program would work similarly to the “Watch Your Speed” signs except the vehicle owner would receive a ticket by mail when the vehicle is photographed speeding.

Community Safety Zones: The area around John Wanless Public School was designated as a Community Safety Zone at the June 2018 meeting of City Council. This will mean an automatic doubling in fines for speeding and eligibility for the automated speed enforcement program. Each community safety zone will receive new signage to bring awareness to the area and will be reviewed for further measures including pavement markings and traffic calming.

Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb
Ward 16 Eglinton-Lawrence