TransformTO: Protecting Toronto’s Environment for Future Canadians

As a parent, I am committed to protecting the environment and our natural heritage for my children and future generations. That is why I was proud to have supported the TransformTO climate plan – an initiative that will transition Toronto to a low-carbon city by 2050 – and improve the quality of our air, land and water.

This plan will ensure:

  • all new buildings should have near-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • 95 percent of waste is diverted in all sectors – residential, institutional, commercial and industrial – by 2050.
  • 100 percent of transportation options – including public transit and personal vehicles – use low or zero-carbon energy sources, and active transportation accounts for 75 percent of trips under 5 km city-wide by 2050

We will be calling on our provincial and federal partners to invest in this plan to ensure Toronto transforms into a modern and sustainable City for the next 50 years.