“Watch Your Speed” Program Expansion

At the November Council meeting I requested Transportation Services to report on an expansion to the “Watch Your Speed” program. This program uses electronic radar display signs to show the speed of oncoming vehicles and compare this to the posted speed limit. Studies have shown that these signs can reduce the operating speed of vehicles by up to 10 km/hr and have shown a decrease in the number of vehicles travelling over the speed limit by up to 34%.

The City currently only has four mobile trailers and approval to purchase 20 more in the next five years. There is no funding in place for these additional trailers (yes, you read that right!) It has come to my attention there are no mechanisms to allow for residents, residents’ associations or school parent councils to collaborate and purchase these signs for their areas. A staff report will be coming back in the first quarter 2017 with the options for expanding this effective program, including the feasibility of accepting community sponsored signs and their associated costs.