Why we should oppose the 41 Chatsworth proposal at the Ontario Municipal Board

I am an advocate for responsible development in Ward 16 and this isn’t it. At the recent North York Community Council meeting, City Planning staff tabled their Final Report on this application. The report explains that this development, which is surrounded by single family detached homes, is not in an area intended for growth, it is not consistent with the current and planned context of the neighbourhood and it does not conform to Official Plan policies.

I want to thank residents and the organization Developing Areas Responsibly in Toronto (DART) for writing to Community Council and delivering deputations to provide input on this proposal. This feedback, combined with the recommendation from City Planning to oppose this application, led me to the conclusion that we should oppose this proposal at the OMB. We are all concerned this proposal isn’t appropriate for the site, it doesn’t meet the character of the neighbourhood, it’s in close proximity to the ravine lands and we are concerned about the impact it will have on local traffic.

Next steps:

On June 16, North York Community Council adopted the recommendation to oppose this application at the OMB hearing. The recommendation will go to City Council for final approval at the next meeting on July 7/8. Council will ultimately provide formal direction to City Legal and City Planning Staff to either accept this application or to deny it and use City resources to oppose it at the OMB. I will be asking my Council colleagues to oppose the application and direct staff to oppose it at the OMB hearing.

August 7, 2015 – Second OMB pre-hearing

February 8-26, 2016 – Three-week OMB hearing


This application proposes to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a 6- and 7-storey, residential condominium building with 120 car parking spaces on 3 levels of a below-grade structure at 41 Chatsworth Drive. The proposed building would have a height of 6 storeys (22.0 metres) along Chatsworth Drive, a height of 7 storeys on the south elevation facing Duplex Parkette and the Chatsworth Ravine and a density of 2.5 times the lot area.

The applicant has appealed the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) citing City Council’s lack of decision on the applications within the time frame specified by the Planning Act.