About Christin

A seasoned Realtor® with a passion for delivering ​​exceptional results, Christin brings extensive ​experience ​and expertise to every transaction, and ​interaction. A key ​differentiator for Christin is her ​unique value proposition ​and experience that sets ​her apart from other Realtors®. A ​former Toronto ​City Councillor for Eglinton-Lawrence, ​Christin has ​an in-depth understanding and valuable ​​knowledge of not just the neighbourhoods of North ​Toronto, ​but also by-laws and city processes, which ​she now uses to ​help her clients achieve their real ​estate goals.

Christin’s commitment to excellence is reflected in ​the ​personalized approach she takes with every ​client, taking ​the time to understand their unique ​needs, preferences and ​goals. With an unwavering ​dedication to customer ​satisfaction, she strives to ​make every real estate ​transaction a stress-free ​and rewarding experience for her ​clients.