Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is one of the city's most prestigious and tranquil neighbourhoods, known for its lush green ​spaces and exclusive residential atmosphere. Developed initially in the early 20th century, it was designed as a ​garden suburb to attract affluent residents seeking a peaceful retreat from urban life. The neighbourhood ​features a variety of architectural styles including English Cottage, Tudor Revival, Georgian, and Colonial, with ​original homes mostly built between 1910 and the 1940s.

The area is celebrated for its excellent educational facilities, including top-ranked private and public schools, ​making it highly desirable for families. Lawrence Park also offers a rich array of recreational facilities centered ​around the Lawrence Park Ravine, which includes clay tennis courts, a lawn bowling club, and beautifully ​landscaped gardens like the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens.

Overall, Lawrence Park combines the charm of old-world architecture with modern luxury living, nestled within ​abundant greenery and boasting a strong community spirit, underscored by frequent community events and ​gathering.

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