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A seasoned Realtor® with a passion for delivering ​exceptional results, Christin brings extensive ​experience and expertise to every transaction, and ​interaction. A key differentiator for Christin is her ​unique value proposition and experience that sets ​her apart from other Realtors®. A former Toronto ​City Councillor for Eglinton-Lawrence, Christin has ​an in-depth understanding and valuable ​knowledge of not just the neighbourhoods of North ​Toronto, but also by-laws and city processes, which ​she now uses to help her clients achieve their real ​estate goals.

Christin’s commitment to excellence is reflected in ​the personalized approach she takes with every ​client, taking the time to understand their unique ​needs, preferences and goals. With an unwavering ​dedication to customer satisfaction, she strives to ​make every real estate transaction a stress-free ​and rewarding experience for her clients.

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We can't thank Christin enough ​for helping us find the perfect ​condo in Toronto. Her ​understanding of our specific ​needs and preferences and her ​knowledge of the city were ​invaluable.


Selling your home can be a ​stressful experience but when we ​recently worked with Christin for ​the sale of our home, from start to ​finish she made it a stress-free ​and seamless experience!


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February Update

Toronto, a city known for its vibrant culture and dynamic economy, is also a place where the cost of living has surged. Housing, a critical ​concern for many, has become increasingly inaccessible for a significant portion of the population. The proposed tax hike adds another layer ​to the affordability challenge faced by Toronto residents.

Amidst these fiscal adjustments lies a critical point of contention. The city’s practice of ending up with significant budget surpluses - $1.4 billion ​in 2021 and $1.5 billion in 2022 - raises pressing questions about the necessity and magnitude of large tax hikes. If Toronto consistently finds ​itself in a surplus position, it begs the question of why there seems to be a perennial state of fiscal panic. This situation is particularly perplexing ​in the current affordability context, where every financial demand placed on residents significantly impacts their cost of living.

This recurring pattern of budget surpluses, juxtaposed with calls for tax hikes, suggests a dissonance in the city’s budgetary planning and ​execution. While financial prudence is undoubtedly important, the consistent overestimation of expenses or underestimation of revenues that ​leads to such surpluses indicates a need for a more calibrated approach to budgeting. It’s critical to ask why, in the face of these surpluses, the ​city’s first instinct appears to be towards increasing taxes rather than optimizing current resources or re-evaluating financial strategies to ​alleviate the burden on its residents.

The skepticism towards these fiscal strategies is not unfounded. The notion that Toronto manages its finances under a veil of crisis, only to end ​up in a position of surplus, points to a potential misalignment between the city’s fiscal management and the realities of its’ citizens’ economic ​challenges. This pattern of budgeting not only undermines trust in municipal financial decisions but also exacerbates the affordability crisis by ​placing additional financial pressures on residents who are already struggling.

As we delve into these considerations, the expertise and nuanced understanding of your real estate advisor becomes even more critical. In a ​landscape marked by fiscal unpredictability and heightened financial demands, navigating Toronto’s real estate market requires a strategic ​and informed approach. Together, we can address these challenges, ensuring your real estate decisions are made with a clear understanding ​of the broader economic context and are aligned with your aspirations for a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in Toronto.

January Market Update

“We had a positive start to 2024. The Bank of Canada expects ​the rate of inflation to recede as we move through the year. ​This would support lower interest rates which would bolster ​home buyers’ confidence to move back into the market. First-​time buyers currently facing high average rents would benefit ​from lower mortgage rates, making the move to ​homeownership more affordable,” said TRREB President ​Jennifer Pearce.

Despite a slight year-over-year dip in the average selling ​price, the overall outlook remains optimistic, with calls for ​policy adjustments to support homebuyers and address ​affordability challenges.